White Noise

Have you been suffering from insomnia or poor sleeping for a while now? And are you tired of the continuous failure of therapies and medications? Do you lay awake listening to the tic-toc of your watch or the clicking of your ceiling fan? These sounds that you don’t even hear during the day suddenly sound like a bulldozer. Everything is amplified when you’re trying to sleep. 

So, we’ve  established that you can’t get to sleep in a noisy room? Well, no. You just need the right noise.

Take lullabies for instance. Those beautiful soft melodies our mothers sing to us to put us to sleep. Ever wondered why those work? Well, there could be a number of reasons for that. 

• The frequency of the sound

• The pitch

• The neutralizing effect

Now, let me ask: If a lullaby – which is a sound of a certain frequency can help a baby sleep then why can’t some other selective sound effects do the same for you? 

Consider ‘White Noise’

So,  what is ‘white noise‘. It’s a noise that comes in an even and unified manner so that the disorganized noises are covered or blocked by it. For example, if your sleeping partner snores, white noise might help subdue that noise and help you sleep better. You may notice that you sleep better with a running fan and if the sound is interrupted, your sleep gets interrupted. In such a case, it is the absence of noise that wakes you.

Find Your Noise

Not all white noise is the same. Sounds which work for some have an opposite effect on others. You just need to search for your kind of noises, the kind that will work for you. For instance, a variation of white noises which is called ‘pink noise‘ could be your perfect sound. You may never know if you don’t persist in finding white noise that suits you. You may like the sound of raindrops or ocean waves crashing against the shore. 

So Why Haven’t You Tried This Yet?

Noise machines are pretty cheap at home goods stores and on line. You can play a loop of your favorite soothing music. Or you can find the ‘white noise’ that’s just right for you. Obviously, sleep is important for so many reasons. If you’re missing out because every little sound is annoying, give white noise a try.

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